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Well, I lucked upon yet another great example of a Blessing Super Artist cornet about a month ago (being so close to the US is great for horns!)


This horn has really got me stumped though – The serial number and my research just don’t add up.

The serial on the horn is the lowest I have seen on a Blessing instrument to date – Serial #1101 – that would put this horn in the very earliest years of Blessing Instrument Manufacture – which dates back to 1906.

Now according to some webpages between 1906 and 1935 some 28,000 instruments were produced. I am doubtful that this horn was produced earlier than 1930’s though as the decorative bell work seems consistent to the late 20’s early 30’s horns I have come across.

I emailed Blessing themselves hoping that they might have some records – but no luck.

Official response:

“Your cornet has to be from the early beginning of Blessings. 

Unfortunately early records were all kept by hand and not on the computer. 

Serial number with 28,000 are from the period of 1935.  

Your horn has to be before this period.  Blessing’s was started in 1906.  Unfortunately I do not know where your horn would be from 1906 to 1935.”

Hence I draw the conclusion that they restarted the serial numbers somewhere perhaps with a new model line.

I’m picking 1930-32 but that’s a real stab in the dark.

The funny thing is for a 80+ year old horn this thing stills plays great and just like one of the later models that are so sought after. Another gem uncovered from the Trumpetgear crew…

Here’s some images for people to compare/enjoy: