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Just thought I would share with you that there are a number of nice Carolbrass horns on the way to New Zealand at the moment (ETA 18th March)

Coming soon:


This is a nice Intermediate to Pro cornet with a Satin Lacquer Bell. I am bringing in this model as I think it would make a great all-round horn for people who like Jazz, Play Dixie or even Brass Band (it’s available in Silver Plate).

CTR-5000L-SLB (Pictured)

This continues to sell well worldwide – it’s an awesome lightweight commercial horn for almost half what you would pay for a Yamaha/Bach option and it plays every bit as good – if not better than the more expensive options. Well worth checking out if you play any style of Lead or Jazz. Bringing in the Satin Lacquer Bell version as I think it’s a tasteful difference to all lacquer and will stand out from the rest.


This is from the ‘Materials’ range of instruments – these are finished just a little nicer than the styles range and represent some of the finest horns that they make. This is a ligtweight all yellow brass option with special bracing and new style bracing. Sure to be another killer horn from CarolBrass.


I’m really excited about this horn and bringing it into NZ.  I played this horn in Silver Plate in Vancouver – it’s a really really good horn.  I have to admit though – it’s quite heavy.

This horn will be ideal as an all-round horn for anything. It slots incredibly well and has an even tone from pp to fff. I doubt you will see a horn like it available on the market in NZ.

All horns are available for purchase/testing* – just drop us a line via the website.

(*conditions apply)


What’s in-store for 2012?

Greetings fellow brass players.
I thought I would give you a quick overview of the plans that I have in place for 2012 and Trumpetgear.
If you have been following us for a while you will have noticed that we have been changing around our assortment quite a bit since we first started a few years back.

Now that we have some history to go by it’s time to make some important decisions about the directions about where we are headed in terms of what we can offer.

In for 2012:
Carolbrass Instruments
More options in stock for 2012:
Here’s a short list of all the instruments we plan to have in stock for trial or purchase.
‘Styles’ Bb Trumpets

  • CTR-5000L-YST Bb Trumpet (Available in Lacquer, Satin Lacquer Bell or Silver Plate)
  • CTR-5060H-GSS Bb Trumpet (Available in Lacquer, Satin Lacquer Bell or Silver Plate)

Materials Range Bb Trumpets

  • CTR-7770L-YST Bb Trumpet (Available in Lacquer)
  • CTR-8880H-GST-S Bb Trumpet Trumpet (Available in Lacquer, Satin Lacquer Bell or Silver Plate)

Flugel Horns

  • CFL-6200-GSS-SLB (Gold Brass Bell) (Available in Lacquer or SLB)
  • CFL-6200-RSS (Red Brass Bell) ) (Available in Lacquer or SLB)


  • CCR-3880-GSS-SLB (Available in Lacquer, Satin Bell or Silver Plate)

Wedge Mouthpiece Plastics

  • Trumpet – Bach 3C, 10.5C, Schilke 14A4a + more
  • Flugel – Bobby Shew
  • Cornet – Denis Wick 4B

Vintage Instruments
We’ll be looking to drop more great horns into NZ from around the world as we source and purchase them.
In particular keep your eye out for upcoming Martin and Blessing Vintage Horns. (I am particularly fond of these brands so will look to source these first and foremost – Shawn)
If you have a request for a particular brand let us know and we can look out for those also.

Used Mouthpieces
We will continue to source and find a hand picked selection of great mouthpieces – Al Cass, Bach, Denis Wick, Martin, Schilke, Yamaha and more!

Method Books
The Basics will stay in stock – Arban’s, Herbert Clarke, Real Books & Abersold Play-alongs.

Out for 2012:

Trombone mutes or accessories
Sorry Trombonists but it’s just not our area of specialty – nor do we have the time or $$’s to commit properly to this area.
Instrument Cases
It’s been hard to find good quality, affordable cases – the search continues for now – but we will clear out existing stocks early 2012.
Brass Music
I’ll leave the sheet music to the specialists. Anything we have will be cleared out early 2012.
Phaeton Instruments
Happy to source if requested but will not advertise for sale (haven’t had a request in 2 years for one)
Ultrafast Oil
We still have quite a few bottle left – this stuff has a limited shelf life so it’s time to start moving them out.

Also, I (Shawn) am planning a trip back to NZ sometime in Mid April 2012 – so I will plan to bring back some additional goodies from North America at that time.

Thank you to all the people who supported us yet again in 2011, and we look forward to serving you again in 2012!

The Last 3 Months……

Posted: September 19, 2011 in The Business

Wow, Almost 3 months since my last post…….shame on me.

Mind you there is good reason for that… the last 3 months I had the birth of my first Daughter (Ayaka) – she’s now two and a half months old.

I also changed day jobs for looking after a business that does close to 10 times the dollars of what the previous one did.

In amongst all that I was trying hard to cram in what I could in terms of trumpet related activities.

The flip side of this was I have been buying a lot of great vintage horns lately – as it’s pretty much the only thing I can squeeze in here and there.

New Zealand will be receiving two great examples of a Blessing Super Artist and Artist Cornet soon – along with some additional mouthpieces to match.  In Vancouver I have a growing collection of Martin horns. (Pretty sure I added at least four instruments in the last 3 month)

If you like Dark and smokey sounding horns and don’t have the budget to buy a Committee I am happy to report that there are other options within the Martin line. I’ll be writing a more detailed description with images about the Martin Handcraft Standard trumpet soon – a seriously underrated instrument.  In short the Standard is the same as the Imperial line minus the nickel trim sections. I would actually say that currently they seem harder to find than the Imperial line from the same era (Late 1930’s).

On the newer side we added an extended range of Carolbrass trumpets to our stock. We’ve slowly been clearing out the old model numbers and moving into the new brand. Carolbrass is really picking up steam globally now and the factory is starting to back up on some custom orders. Needless to say they are putting out some great stuff. NZ now has a beautiful satin flugel in stock and also has the lightweight Bb trumpet CTR-5000L-YST.  The 5000 is a great all-round commercial horn that you would be kicking yourself for not checking out if you put down $3K for a Bach or Yamaha – they are seriously that good!!  An interesting option that I had made up at the factory recently is the full Satin Lacquer finish. (Pictured Below) It looks and plays great.

Model CTR-5000YST-SL

On top of this there will be some good business stuff happening soon on the Canada side (Announcement coming at the end of the month on this).
It’s been a busy few months to say the least.  I trust that all are well and the gigs are still coming!
Don has been travelling quite a bit to Auckland recently – he does house calls with equipment etc – so don’t be shy about calling him to set something up.
More to come soon…….. Regards, Shawn

Wow! – what a busy first quarter it has been with the Trumpetgear Crew!

Things are just starting to settle down with learning and testing a lot of new items from the Carol Brass re-branding that happened in January.

During this time we have introduced 2 new Artists to the family of Artists that are endorsing the Carol Brass line.

I’d like to introduce Mr Terry Townson (Vancouver, Canada)   & Mr Peter Uppman (Melbourne, Australia) to you all as the latest professional artists to join the ranks of players that have made the switch to Carol Brass instruments during 2011.


Here’s what Terry had to say about his new Carol Brass instruments:

“I am a seasoned professional having made my living playing the trumpet for
over 30 years.

I’ve enjoyed playing most all the major brands of horns.

A short time ago I was introduced to CarolBrass. I was blown away! The
response, feel and overall sound of these horns is truly amazing.
Big core quality sound throughout the range of the horn… from “C” to
sizzling “C”!

The valves are the smoothest and most comfortable I’ve ever played.

I like playing raw brass horns and as we all know you can’t hide poor
workmanship when you don’t plate them. These CarolBrass horns are
pristine in every facet of assembly. The tuning slides and solder joints are
clean and smooth, with absolutely no tension anywhere on these horns.

I LOVE playing my new CarolBrass horns.”

Terry Townson

Terry currently owns & plays the following instruments from Carol Brass: 1) CTR520T Bb Trumpet, 2) CFL-820R Custom Flugel,  3) CTB-6219-YSS-YNNN-33 Trombone &  4)  CPC-3330-YLS-L Piccolo Trumpet.


Here’s what Peter Uppman had to say about his first Carol Brass instrument – a CTR-500T (Note these are now referred to as model CTR-5000L-YST).

I’ve been a professional trumpet player for nearly 3 decades, am always striving to become better as a performer and the equipment I play on is of critical importance.

Having played, owned and loved some truly great instruments during this time, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found a set of horns that I don’t just love performing on, but ones which make me smile every time I do so.

My Carol 500T Bb trumpet reminds me of the many great Calicchio’s I used to own…, only better!!

I don’t just state, “This is yet another great trumpet”, but I’m saying.., “Wow! This horn is perfect for me and makes music even more enjoyable… and easier too!”

This is certainly a commercial bright-sounding instrument, not nasally or harsh, but with a beautiful rich core to the sound. Like any instrument, mouthpiece choice will make a big difference in tonality.

Intonation is impeccable, the stainless steel valves super-fast and the quality of workmanship is superb.

What really impresses me most of all with this trumpet, is its fantastic responsiveness – the sound has a sparkling aura when pushed, and a beautiful richness to the middle register. You don’t need super lungs to make it sing, just a gentle airstream and POW; the note’s immediately right where you want it to be, without locking in too much.

 This trumpet really does make playing music so much easier for me, and not only have my audiences noticed and commented, but my peers in the music industry have as well.

That is what a great playing trumpet can help do for you too.”

Peter Uppman – Melbourne, Australia

Peter owns/plays the following Carol Brass Instruments 1) Carol CTR-500t Bb Trumpet, 2) Carol CPT-300LR-SLB Pocket Trumpet 3) Carol CFL-6200-GSS-SLB Flugel.


It’s interesting that both these Artists are prolific recording artists and used to play on Callichio instruments. (Which are of course highly regarded by commercial and studio players worldwide)

I will post more reviews and sound samples from these Artists as they become available.

If you would like to get your hands on your own Lightweight professional trumpet – Contact us via and we will get you started.

Right now we can supply anyone in New Zealand, Australia or Canada!

Season’s Greetings & Updates

Posted: December 13, 2010 in The Business

Greetings all,

I hope that by now you are well into Xmas preparations and avoiding the last minute rush.

Also, hoping that those end-of-year Xmas gigs are going well.

(How I miss those Christmas in the Park events)

Anyhow it’s been a few months since the last update – so I thought I would keep you all posted on what we have been up to in the last bit.

Carol Trumpets

This brand is going from strength to strength, Look for the new branding on these horns in 2011. They have officially changed their name to CarolBrass. The new website will also be at once it is complete. Not only have they added a few endorsers to their name – but also a whole bunch of new products also. There is a lot more planned for 2011 also! Totally new horn and instrument designs, new materials and new promotional push.

I have my own product endorser here in Canada (Name to be announced) who will be playing the brand new lightweight CTR-520T in raw brass.

I recently had in and tested the following models:

CTR-506R(S) Bb Trumpet: Great instrument. Probably the nicest sounding 506 I have heard yet. The added cost of the silver plate is worth considering.

CTR-520T Bb Trumpet: The new lightweight offering from Carol. It has a lightweight bell and nickel trim slides. Nice horn with a brighter side to it. Excellent option for a Commercial style sound.

CTR-100 Bb Trumpet: This is the entry level horn in the Carol line – sure the valve caps feel like a student horn and so do the bottoms – but everything else in the fit, finish and playability all punch well above the price tag. I am thinking of sending some to NZ as they are that good. (And may look for a mod to make those caps etc a lot nicer)

CCR-688R(S)  Bb Cornet: These usually come in silver with gold trim – this one was all silver. (But guess what… I deal direct with the factory – so if you want something changed I can get in changed at the source) What a great instrument that had the true full and rich tone you would expect from a brass band/concert band style of cornet.

Coming up within the next few weeks is 2 brand new flugels arriving – one in silver plate and one in raw brass. These are the new ‘top-of-the-line’ models. One of them is my own personal flugel so I will be sure to put it to the test. I can’t divulge the model and specs just yet – but it’s exciting.

Buying Vintage Horns

Whilst this is a really poor time to sell a lot of things – on the flip side it’s an excellent time to buy. Needless to say a few vintage horns have been creeping their way to New Zealand recently.

The only problem is the horns I have been buying have turned out to be real gems and aren’t always making it to the website for sale before being whisked away to the ‘personal stash’. Coming up in 2011 I intend to continue this pattern and have a wider range of used and vintage horns available as I believe they offer an excellent balance of character, sound and affordability.

Designing/Building a Trumpet

Yes, you heard right here – I tried making one via a factory once before – this time round I have got my hands on some of the best equipment available and have the contacts in America and North America to make it happen. I just received my first batch of parts – as we progress I will start a thread on this as I am sure a lot of people will find it interesting. This will happen in partnership with another company and will hopefully come to fruition 2011.

New Website

This is still in the works – and taking a lot longer than I first planned – but look for it come first half of 2011. This will include shopping cart functions, reviews and more. I hope this will be the ultimate brass site in NZ once it is finished.

That’s it for now.

2010 has been an interesting year indeed – plans for 2011 are to get the above list done and look to participate in bands and groups a lot more than this year.

Season’s Greetings to you all and have a Great Xmas/New Year

(P.S. I will try and post more regularly 2011)


Following on from my thoughts and discussion about selecting the right size mouthpiece and how to go about it – we are about to make things a little more exciting for you all with the addition of Wedge Mouthpieces to the NZ/AUS region.

I’m just in the final processes of putting together a kit of various size tops, backbores and shanks that will suit a wide variety of players.

If you’re not sure what I am taking about you really need to go to this website and check out one of the most exciting developments in brass playing:

Last October I brought you some information on my visit to Wedge mouthpieces the first time round. Now that I am based in Vancouver it’s time to get the ball rolling and for people back home to have the opportunity to try (and ultimately buy if you like) the Wedge mouthpieces.

Dr Dave is making a top notch, innovative product here in Vancouver – and he has the back up service to match.

As a starting line up players will have the opportunity to try the following tops and Backbore combinations (Subject to finalization):


  1. B1.5CC-27  – based on Bach 1-1/2C with cushion rim, 27 throat.
  2. YSJC-27 – based on Yamaha Shew Jazz, cushion rim, 27 throat
  3. MB4LS-25  based on Monette B4SL – or perhaps a MB6LS-25
  4. YBSLC-27 based on Bobby Shew lead, cushion rim, 27 throat


  1. W4C – based on Wick 4
  2. YBSFC- based on Bobby Shew Flugel

Backbore Combinations

  1. 25ML (heavy) backbore
  2. 27R-ML (regular weight) backbore
  3. 27R-M (regular weight) backbore
  4. 27R-S backbore
  5. WFT (trumpet)- allows flugel piece to be used in a trumpet for flugel effect
  6. WSh (cornet) – allows flugel piece to be used in a cornet for a deep, rich cornet sound
  7. WFL (Flugel) x 3 (Yamaha, Bach & French Taper)

If you have ever thought about trying these mouthpieces and you are in NZ or Australia now would be a good time to get in touch with us as these are bound to prove popular with a lot of players.

As the kits have yet to be produced I’m interested in hearing from anyone whom has any specific size/top requests – we can perhaps include your size in with the initial order.

More to come on this as I finalize the 1st order this week.

Stay tuned for more firsts from your friends at Trumpetgear!

Posted: January 22, 2010 in The Business

Greetings & Salutations!

I thought it best to let you all know  that the website will be slightly behind in the update department over the new few weeks.

I (Shawn) am at the start of a transition between Japan and Canada right now.

I’m estimating things will be back to normal around the second week of March at this stage.

Don is still ‘On-the-ground’ in New Zealand however and it’s business as usual.

In fact we have 3 additional orders landing soon of books (C Real Books will be back in stock, as will standard edition Arban’s), More mutes (Buckets, Copper and Aluminium Harmons and also some Cleartone Humes & Berg).

We also have more Carol items arriving – including the much anticipated Carol CTR-506 in Lacquer finish.

On top of this – we are back in stock of Valve oil – in fact we have about a year’s supply just landed of a great oil  – contact Don for details on this one.

I’ll attempt to keep the blog up to date during this period also with new happenings – I have a scheduled trip to the Yamaha Super Storein Sapporo – so will try and test some of the newest horns and bring you information and photos from there also.

Feel free to drop us a line anytime on anything related to trumpets!