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A horn that was a year in the making!

……. actually it was completed about April of last year but through a series of events never got back to me. (Partially my fault as I kept sending several horns to be fixed at once)

Anyhow the experiment seems to have worked!!

Originally what I had was a series of parts from Martin and someone with the skill and know-how to put it all together in Josh Landress  (Josh is the man for any Martin, Bach or Besson needs you may have – restorations, tweaks etc)

The concept was to use all different parts and see if: a) everything was interchangeable b) if we could make a decent horn for less than your average Committee and c) create something from old parts. The result is a very nice looking horn that looks authentic and plays well…….very well actually.


I would note that a surprise is that this horn plays on the brighter side of the spectrum – the Standards are an all brass configuration – and this one is in raw – so that could be an element of it. The lower nad mid range is full and rich – I do notice that this configuration really closes down when you try to play high – it really reminds me of my old 6310Z – it used to do the same. That lends me to believe that this could in fact be that I need some time on the horn to adapt to the blow.

Other work done:

Josh ended up replacing the worn out leadpipe and set me up with a Landress reproduction. His reproduction looks exactly like the original (I have a HC Committee and compared the two).

Fit and finish on this is great and the valves having been rebuilt give this horn a new lease of life. Not bad for a complete Frankenhorn!

If I’d wanted to be super fussy about this build I would have done the following: sourced an original trim kit – the bottoms from an early Indiana are great as they are essentially the same – the top caps and finger buttons don’t look of feel the same though. However, I must say that I do like the modification – there is a lot more room to hit the buttons vs. the originals – will keep that in mind for future projects. The waterkeys don’t match – purely cosmetics.

For the braces – if I did this again I would opt for the Handcraft Committee style braces – basically a mounted post – although I suspect that may lend it to become even brighter still. All in all I am pretty happy with how this horn turned out and look forward to the next project as I have another Martin HC Standard donor horn just itching to be resurrected to her former glory.