Stumped by a Blessing Super Artist…. » Blessing_SAC_05

Posted: December 3, 2012 | Full size is 457 × 1024 pixels


  1. Joe Heasley says:

    Somewhere tucked away in the boxes of past ‘catches’ ( got to get them out!) is a Blessing Artist cornet that is not embellished with fine engraving and has a aperture for a lyre that looks like an air/tire nozzle. It is all in brass but otherwise looks much the same as the Super Artist you’ve pictured. My Super Artist cornet, numbered 41810 is, with the exception of a standard square lyre receptacle half way between the valves casing and the slide retaining mechanism…exactly the same as your Super Artist. Oh, a minor detail, the scripting is similar but even more art deco and without the nice flower designs. As a ‘by the way, it appears that the bore, measuring it from the inside of the second slide, is between .464 and .465 . Perhaps you could let me know what measurements that you determine…I haven’t cleaned this fellow out yet and may be riding a bit of grit while measuring. I thoroughly agree with the point that you made in the horn’s playing characteristics but more than that, it appears that many folk have passed on these gems because of mouthpiece choice/ gap. A few of my older pieces light this horn my favorite vintage Rudy Muck, the V cup 13C Cushion Rim , a Zotolla(sp) clone … deep V , and near top of my list, a pre WWII Vega powerbore sp and finally, a Sansone cornet MP w/semi deep V..number?

    Appreciate your site, write back when you can.


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