Changing the Color & Tone

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Gadget Talk
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Before considering purchasing another instrument to get a different sound – why not consider the option of purchasing a different mouthpiece to change the tone and color of the sound?

Here is another Trumpetgear sound sample that demonstrates just this idea. (I recommend using some good quality headphones or monitor speakers to pick out the differences)

Mouthpiece Test (Cornet)

The horn in question is a Conn Victor 80a Vintage Cornet (from the 1950’s) and 4 different mouthpieces:

– Vintage Bach New York #2 Cornet Mouthpiece

– Wedge Gabriel Rim Flugel Top with Cornet Backbore

– Vintage Bach New York #10 Cornet Mouthpiece

– Al Cass 3×4 Cornet Mouthpiece

Although most share a common sound concept there is a definite change in tone and timbre – the most noticeable being the Al Cass 3×4 mouthpiece.

Switching between mouthpieces is a big no-no for a lot of players – but I have developed being able to do this over time and can fine tune the sound to the music and the sound concept through some minor changes.

I hope you enjoyed this little test and look forward to your comments as to which you think might be best.


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