Which is better – a Bb Harrelson Summit or a Vintage Martin Committee??

Let your ears do the deciding for you.

I finally have some semi decent home recording equipment for which to make some accurate recordings of horns. (More on this later as I dive further into this)

This comparison I have been asked for several times – so here it is:

Summit vs Committee Sound Test

Conditions for recording:

Mouthpiece – Wedge Gabriel Rim 24 with a Medium Backbore on both horns

Mic – Audio Technica AT-2035 linked into a Stienberg CI-1 Audio interface and Audacity software – there are no effects added to this recording – it’s raw and ‘as-is’


  1. Derek says:

    Hi Shaun, interesting comparison. How close did you have the mic? I take it you made the switch at about 1:33? I can hear some differences but generally they are quite similar. I get the feeling the Harrelson is a little more efficient, less work to get the same sound, than the Committee?


    • trumpetgear says:

      Hi Derek,
      You’re correct – switch was in that timing.
      Mic was set pretty close – back a few feet.
      Harrelson done in 1 take – Committee I had to take a few runs at it as I should have done it first to compensate for the lack of slotting – especially tricky to hit the half valve when switching horns around.
      Thanks for taking the time to check it out.
      Any preference?

      • Derek says:

        As a player I would choose the harrelson because it sounded easier to play. I didn’t have any preference for sound, I didn’t feel one horn was better than the other.

  2. crazy C says:

    No offense, but if we were supposed to”Let your ears do the deciding for you”, why would you tell us the order that you played the horns? It would have been MUCH better and with no bias if we didn’t know ahead of time. Come on now, that’s common sense.

    • trumpetgear says:

      Thanks for reading the blog.
      With regards to your question – where I am from – that line is a ‘figure of speech’ not literal – but I can see how that may be taken another way.
      Point noted.
      Rgds, Shawn

  3. Richard says:

    Martin – hands down.

  4. […] plays/sounds most like your LB Committee in your opinion……. Check it out for yourself robrtx: Harrelson Summit vs. Vintage Committee | Trumpetgear Blog – Behind the scenes By the way, I too just purchased a Harrelson Summit #4 leadpipe; #7 bell in brushed silver, with […]

  5. asoralvin says:

    I believe that you played the Martin more assertively…with a bit more punch, at the turn over, I can see where a direct comparison at that point may favor the Martin. All in all I heard an amazing similarity of sound, but favored the relaxed edges of the Summit.

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