CarolBrass Custom Trumpets – Just arrived!!

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Gadget Talk
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This post has literally been a while in the making – as I ordered these horns back in Feb/Mar of this year, and have been patiently waiting since for them to arrive.

Brand new to New Zealand (and perhaps the first worldwide for at least one of the horns) are the two following CarolBrass Custom horns:

1) CTR-5000L-YST-AD

This horn is the standard offer CTR-5000 with a unique finish applied to it. If you weren’t familiar with the CTR-5000’s they are probably the most popular of the lightweight horns that Carolbrass sell – and for good reason…they are a great price – and they play exceptionally well. An ideal horn for Jazz, Lead or Commercial music.

AD – in the model number stands for Antique Dark. See the image below for details – I think this is a stunning looking horn and really has a modern contemporary look about it.









2) CTR-5000L-PSM-AL

This horn was the one I was really waiting for……. It uses the valve block and leadpipe/mouthpipe from the CTR-5000 but comes with the Carolbrass Phosphorous Bronze Standard Medium bell.

How many horns do you know of under $2K that has a bronze bell on them?

On top of that I asked the factory to apply a special finish to this horn – the finish is Amber Lacquer – which has only ever been used on the full Material range phosphorous horn – and that costs quite a bit more and is very limited. This same process was applied to the bell and the body and produces a finish which I think is stunning – it’s like having an aged horn from the 1950’s with all the perks of a modern one (great valve action – and even better yet in stainless steel – and amado water keys). Doing this was a big roll of the dice as it’s a risky move with the process and it’s always coming out different – but I think it really paid off.

If you like this horn don’t sit on the fence – contact us via the website and talk to us about it – At this stage there is only one that I know of that has been made.

Someone is going to be exceptionally happy with this horn in their gig bag.


  1. Harry says:

    These ate great trumpets indeed.
    We are inspired by the pics to get them in the Netherlands.

    • asoralvin says:

      Both of those Carol Horns are show starters and Show stoppers. Personally, since I’ve played neither I’m going on cosmetics alone…and I prefer the CTR-5000L-PSM-AD…but hey, I’m open minded and would accept either or both.

      Capt. Joe

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