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Just thought I would share with you that there are a number of nice Carolbrass horns on the way to New Zealand at the moment (ETA 18th March)

Coming soon:


This is a nice Intermediate to Pro cornet with a Satin Lacquer Bell. I am bringing in this model as I think it would make a great all-round horn for people who like Jazz, Play Dixie or even Brass Band (it’s available in Silver Plate).

CTR-5000L-SLB (Pictured)

This continues to sell well worldwide – it’s an awesome lightweight commercial horn for almost half what you would pay for a Yamaha/Bach option and it plays every bit as good – if not better than the more expensive options. Well worth checking out if you play any style of Lead or Jazz. Bringing in the Satin Lacquer Bell version as I think it’s a tasteful difference to all lacquer and will stand out from the rest.


This is from the ‘Materials’ range of instruments – these are finished just a little nicer than the styles range and represent some of the finest horns that they make. This is a ligtweight all yellow brass option with special bracing and new style bracing. Sure to be another killer horn from CarolBrass.


I’m really excited about this horn and bringing it into NZ.  I played this horn in Silver Plate in Vancouver – it’s a really really good horn.  I have to admit though – it’s quite heavy.

This horn will be ideal as an all-round horn for anything. It slots incredibly well and has an even tone from pp to fff. I doubt you will see a horn like it available on the market in NZ.

All horns are available for purchase/testing* – just drop us a line via the website.

(*conditions apply)