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So I finally managed to find a nice set of valves (from a HC Imperial of the same era) to match the project horn – at $69.00 (+$10.00 postage) for a set all the way from Poland.

That meant I had all the parts together that I required – next step was to contact a good brass tech that I know would be able to carry out the job. First to my mind is Josh Landress in New York.

Josh handles Martin Committees all the time and is the’go-to’ for a lot of professionals in the New York area – and he’s also a pretty nice guy. I’ve dealt with him the past and will continue to do so in the future.

So here’s the list of ‘To-do’s/brief’ I sent Josh to apply to the horn:

Looking for a cross between a Martin Committee and a HC Standard.Strip horn and parts to raw brass
  1. Strip horn and parts to raw brass
  2. Clean out parts
  3. Make new leadpipe for horn in HC Committee style (match tuning slide). I sent the original for reference.
  4. Remove non original knob from 2nd valve slide.
  5. Check valve alignment matches and valves are ok – I have an extra set of original valve guides if required.
  6. Sent bottom caps to match – top caps are from a Martin Imperial these may not work – or will require some tweaking to work. I can source top trim if required.
  7. Braces on the horn – would be great to get some that look like a Martin Handcraft. I am 100% ok with fabricated vs original as long as it looks similar.
  8. Finger ring for leadpipe – One from. Martin Custom or Magna would look good. I know where to source one if required.
  9. Waterkeys as is.
  10. Finish of horn – can be raw polished brass or brushed raw finish. This horn will be played rather than for presentation – so whichever makes sense for you.

And there you have it.

Now I just need to sit back and see what the results will be!

Once I get the horn I will of course post photos and do a comparison test vs. a Committee and a HC Standard.