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The Last 3 Months……

Posted: September 19, 2011 in The Business

Wow, Almost 3 months since my last post…….shame on me.

Mind you there is good reason for that… the last 3 months I had the birth of my first Daughter (Ayaka) – she’s now two and a half months old.

I also changed day jobs for looking after a business that does close to 10 times the dollars of what the previous one did.

In amongst all that I was trying hard to cram in what I could in terms of trumpet related activities.

The flip side of this was I have been buying a lot of great vintage horns lately – as it’s pretty much the only thing I can squeeze in here and there.

New Zealand will be receiving two great examples of a Blessing Super Artist and Artist Cornet soon – along with some additional mouthpieces to match.  In Vancouver I have a growing collection of Martin horns. (Pretty sure I added at least four instruments in the last 3 month)

If you like Dark and smokey sounding horns and don’t have the budget to buy a Committee I am happy to report that there are other options within the Martin line. I’ll be writing a more detailed description with images about the Martin Handcraft Standard trumpet soon – a seriously underrated instrument.  In short the Standard is the same as the Imperial line minus the nickel trim sections. I would actually say that currently they seem harder to find than the Imperial line from the same era (Late 1930’s).

On the newer side we added an extended range of Carolbrass trumpets to our stock. We’ve slowly been clearing out the old model numbers and moving into the new brand. Carolbrass is really picking up steam globally now and the factory is starting to back up on some custom orders. Needless to say they are putting out some great stuff. NZ now has a beautiful satin flugel in stock and also has the lightweight Bb trumpet CTR-5000L-YST.  The 5000 is a great all-round commercial horn that you would be kicking yourself for not checking out if you put down $3K for a Bach or Yamaha – they are seriously that good!!  An interesting option that I had made up at the factory recently is the full Satin Lacquer finish. (Pictured Below) It looks and plays great.

Model CTR-5000YST-SL

On top of this there will be some good business stuff happening soon on the Canada side (Announcement coming at the end of the month on this).
It’s been a busy few months to say the least.  I trust that all are well and the gigs are still coming!
Don has been travelling quite a bit to Auckland recently – he does house calls with equipment etc – so don’t be shy about calling him to set something up.
More to come soon…….. Regards, Shawn