Wedge Plastic Mouthpieces – What’s the verdict?

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Gadget Talk
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Today’s post is going to be a bit of a brief one, but I wanted to let you all know about something kinda new from Wedge Mouthpieces – that is the new Wedge Plastics!!

Now, if you went to the latest ITG you probably would have seen these already as they were revealed there. Hopefully a lot of players got to check these out.

For my NZ friends, who most likely did not attend…..

Let me tell you that these pieces take everything that is good about the Wedge mouthpiece and translate it into a much more affordable option.

You get the same rim as you would on a metal Wedge, backbore and even the look. (Except it’s in a cool matt black plastic. Note – the white writing in the images below is chalk for photographing – the letters appear black as they are etched out of the plastic)

These are extremely comfortable to play on and give you almost the same amount of power as the metal counterparts.

In fact the only downside of these pieces is that they play a little darker than the metal version. (Not necessarily a bad thing).

Don’t let this put you off though – these will blow you away for how well they play! They are also a lot less than a metal version and allow you to get a great mouthpiece for not too much of an investment.

These are presented in a variety of standard sizes (Bach 1.5C, 3C, 10.5C, Schilke 14A4a etc…)

Well worth taking a look at!!

  1. Brendan says:

    I gave one a whirl on Wednesday when Don was up in Auckland – they’re great! Definitely the way to go if you want to try the Wedge but don’t want to shell out $350 just to find out you don’t like it. Thing is, I do like it! Really comfortable mouthpieces, and comparing them to the original S14A4A and B3C, I found that the whole range was easier, and extended a little in the top end. I’m definitely considering going for a metal one at some point.

  2. trumpetgear says:

    Hi Brendan, thanks for commenting.
    Sounds like you are a classic ‘responder’ to the unique style rim.
    I should mention that pretty much everything we own is available for trial including the metal Wedge mouthpieces, and even the CarolBrass trumpets.
    As a side note – We have several on the new Wedge Schilke 14A4a’s being shipped to NZ now -should be there for the start of August.

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