An interesting piece of Martin and Schilke History Captured? – Part 2

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Martin Committee
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Greetings all,

I originally did a post about this horn back in October 2010.

Since then I have a better way to photograph horns  in the form of a studio light box, lights and better camera so I thought I would do a quick update on this post. Here’s some better images on the horn:

Also, I gave some incorrect information about point #2 on the initial post stating that the 3rd valve throw was longer than a standard committee – not in fact the case at all.  It’s the same. (Shame on me for messing that up)

Also, point #1 about the bell – was correct it’s yellow brass.

What I failed to point out though was that it’s a larger bell than a typical committee coming in at a full 5 inches.

It also has a different style flare in comparison to the standard Committee that is best illustrated in the picture below:

The mouthpiece receiver is also a modified receiver – I initially write that it was set up for Schilke mouthpiece – but after having picked up a Holton Heim #2 mouthpiece recently and testing it I am more confident that this was in fact set up with this style of mouthpiece with the tapered shank setup instead.

The last point is that the bottom valve caps are more like a Deluxe Committee version than a standard.

This horn still to me sits nicely between the tone and color spectrum of a Schilke and a normal Martin. Having found a better match in mouthpiece it has shifted more towards the Martin sound by about 10% but has a little more power with the larger bell that projects a little better.

If anyone else out there has examples of Schilke custom/modified horns I would love to hear about them!

Final Pic is of my 46 Committee in the foreground and the Schilke X Horn in the background.

Don’t read to much into the size difference – that’s just the camera giving you the illusion that there are a different size due to depth perception.

  1. Chistian K. Peters says:

    Just ran into this bit…I had posted on the Trumpet Herald quite some time ago about my D trumpet. It had been cut down from a Buescher Bb/A horn in 1943 by Renold, for one of his students at the time. I am sure there are more out there, but folks just don’t know what they have.

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