Introducing 2 New Carol Brass Artists!

Posted: May 14, 2011 in The Business

Wow! – what a busy first quarter it has been with the Trumpetgear Crew!

Things are just starting to settle down with learning and testing a lot of new items from the Carol Brass re-branding that happened in January.

During this time we have introduced 2 new Artists to the family of Artists that are endorsing the Carol Brass line.

I’d like to introduce Mr Terry Townson (Vancouver, Canada)   & Mr Peter Uppman (Melbourne, Australia) to you all as the latest professional artists to join the ranks of players that have made the switch to Carol Brass instruments during 2011.


Here’s what Terry had to say about his new Carol Brass instruments:

“I am a seasoned professional having made my living playing the trumpet for
over 30 years.

I’ve enjoyed playing most all the major brands of horns.

A short time ago I was introduced to CarolBrass. I was blown away! The
response, feel and overall sound of these horns is truly amazing.
Big core quality sound throughout the range of the horn… from “C” to
sizzling “C”!

The valves are the smoothest and most comfortable I’ve ever played.

I like playing raw brass horns and as we all know you can’t hide poor
workmanship when you don’t plate them. These CarolBrass horns are
pristine in every facet of assembly. The tuning slides and solder joints are
clean and smooth, with absolutely no tension anywhere on these horns.

I LOVE playing my new CarolBrass horns.”

Terry Townson

Terry currently owns & plays the following instruments from Carol Brass: 1) CTR520T Bb Trumpet, 2) CFL-820R Custom Flugel,  3) CTB-6219-YSS-YNNN-33 Trombone &  4)  CPC-3330-YLS-L Piccolo Trumpet.


Here’s what Peter Uppman had to say about his first Carol Brass instrument – a CTR-500T (Note these are now referred to as model CTR-5000L-YST).

I’ve been a professional trumpet player for nearly 3 decades, am always striving to become better as a performer and the equipment I play on is of critical importance.

Having played, owned and loved some truly great instruments during this time, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found a set of horns that I don’t just love performing on, but ones which make me smile every time I do so.

My Carol 500T Bb trumpet reminds me of the many great Calicchio’s I used to own…, only better!!

I don’t just state, “This is yet another great trumpet”, but I’m saying.., “Wow! This horn is perfect for me and makes music even more enjoyable… and easier too!”

This is certainly a commercial bright-sounding instrument, not nasally or harsh, but with a beautiful rich core to the sound. Like any instrument, mouthpiece choice will make a big difference in tonality.

Intonation is impeccable, the stainless steel valves super-fast and the quality of workmanship is superb.

What really impresses me most of all with this trumpet, is its fantastic responsiveness – the sound has a sparkling aura when pushed, and a beautiful richness to the middle register. You don’t need super lungs to make it sing, just a gentle airstream and POW; the note’s immediately right where you want it to be, without locking in too much.

 This trumpet really does make playing music so much easier for me, and not only have my audiences noticed and commented, but my peers in the music industry have as well.

That is what a great playing trumpet can help do for you too.”

Peter Uppman – Melbourne, Australia

Peter owns/plays the following Carol Brass Instruments 1) Carol CTR-500t Bb Trumpet, 2) Carol CPT-300LR-SLB Pocket Trumpet 3) Carol CFL-6200-GSS-SLB Flugel.


It’s interesting that both these Artists are prolific recording artists and used to play on Callichio instruments. (Which are of course highly regarded by commercial and studio players worldwide)

I will post more reviews and sound samples from these Artists as they become available.

If you would like to get your hands on your own Lightweight professional trumpet – Contact us via and we will get you started.

Right now we can supply anyone in New Zealand, Australia or Canada!


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