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Posted: January 15, 2011 in Gadget Talk
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There have been some changes in the CarolBrass Line-up.

As a ‘Head’s-Up’ the whole brand and line-up has changed as of Jan 2011.
Unfortunately the new website is not yet up and running with all the new information.
Hence there may be some confusion.

For example what was a CTR-500T is now a CTR-5000L YST

Here’s some additional information with regards to the changes.
(I do not know if these will be offered in the US – please check in with your local friendly dealer for that info)

There are 2 options when choosing – you can choose by ‘style’ or by ‘material’

Then you have the ‘Styles’ based horns which are basically done by design specs. These can be modified to your choice in relation to some options like bore size.

With the Material option you basically pick a ‘base model’ trumpet and you can then tweak the look and specs of the horn to your personal preference. There are different tuning slide materials etc that can be used also.

Here’s some other new developments that will be of interest:

There are 7 (yes seven!) different finishes:
– Lacquer
– Silver Plate
– Silver with Gold Trim
– Satin Lacquer Bell
– Satin Lacquer
– Antique Dark
– Polished Raw Brass

In terms of bore size you have 3 options:
– Medium Large .460
– Large .465
– Xtra Large .470 (New)

Bell Size/Thickness you have 6 different options
– Standard Size (Bach 37 style)
– Large Size (Bach 72 style)
– In Thin, Middle or Standard weights

Then there are options with the bell material:
– Yellow Brass
– Gold Brass
– Red Brass (Newly developed)

Leadpipes and Tuning slides might have the following:
– 70% copper, yellow brass.
– 85% copper, gold brass.
– 90% copper, red brass.
– 10% nickel, nickel-silver.
– 30% nickel, nickel-silver.
– P. Phosphorus bronze.
– S. Sterling silver.

If you want examples of the new horns I suggest you go to facebook and search for CarolBrass* Wind Instruments and befriend them as they have a lot of images in their photos.

If anyone wants a chart of the new models and the explanation behind the new numbers etc. then feel free to PM me with your contact details and I will send it to you.
(If this gets to be too many I may post a link with the download)

Some quick examples using the CTR-5000 as an example:

Bore size….
CTR-5000…means ML bore(11.70 mm) .460
CTR-5002…means L bore(11.82 mm) .465
CTR-5004…means XL bore(11.94 mm) .470

Main tuning slide…
CTR-5000L…means reversed structure of main tuning slide.
CTR-5060H…means standard structure of main tuning slide.
you can distinguish very easy.

Bell material SIZE/THICKNESS…
CTR-5000-YST…mean yellow brass standard/thin.

Here is a link to the chart where is shows clearly the specs and options for each horn:

2011-1-1…Styles offered and Materials offered models

Here is a link for the ‘Style” Models which explains the numbering:

Styles model’s number explanation

Here’s a link for the ‘Materials’ Models which explains the numbering:

Materials model’s number explanation

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  2. Myron Oleson says:

    CarolBrass products just keep getting better and better!

  3. Matthew says:

    Hi, any idea if the carol trumpets are available in Singapore?

    • trumpetgear says:

      Dear Matthew,
      Not sure if it is available from a local retailer or not.
      If you have a specific model in mind I could arrange something for you.


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