Student Bb Trumpets – Test Session

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Gadget Talk
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So today I finally managed to get down to my local retailer and test a few horns up against the Carol CTR-100 Bb Trumpet.

The two other trumpets in the test are in my opinion the direct competition from 2 other larger manufacturers – Yamaha and Jupiter.

Here’s the actual models tested (in no particular order):

Carol CTR-100 Bb Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-1335 Bb Trumpet

Jupiter 600ML Bb Trumpet

The conditions this test was done under:

1) 1 Take only (So yes there are some missed notes)

2) I am not really that familiar with any of these horns – this is a pick up and put in my normal mouthpiece and play test. (My normal horns are quite different)

3) Mouthpiece used in this test = Wedge Mouthpiece Gabriel 24 with a 25M Heavyweight Backbore

4) Tuning was not given as much consideration (sorry forgot the tuner again)

5) There were no edits at all done to this video – it’s raw (and to be frank a little nasty…all in the name of demonstrating trumpets truthfully)

I am not going to identify which horn was which until later – as I would be interested to hear what other people thought – I have a favorite out of the 3 for playability and sound.

What are your thoughts?

In case anyone was wondering about pricing – Yamaha ~$595.00, Jupiter ~ $499.00, Carol ~$450.00

NOTE: Watch out for the 10-12 sec mark the Zoom needs 2 secs to auto adjust (so it will be a loud for the first played notes).

  1. Derek says:

    Hi Shawn,

    I liked the sound of the 2nd horn the best. Richest sound. Nice hat.



    • trumpetgear says:

      Hi Derek,
      Happy New Year!!
      I ran this same post on trumpetherald under the tile “Which Student Horn Sounds Best?” recently to see what others though – made for some interesting views and opinions.

  2. Mark says:

    I liked 1 and 3 best, but it was difficult to find much difference between them all, no 3 seems to have the largest bell! was that 5 inches? that makes it the Carol right? probably totally wrong!

  3. trumpetgear says:

    Hi Mark,
    Yes, I agree they are all fairly similar in sound.
    The sounds concept behind the bell differs quite a bit though.
    Number 3 was the Carol as you correctly pointed out.
    Number 1 was the Jupiter 600ML

    The purpose of the test was two-fold.
    Mainly 1) Carol can easily compete with any of the major name brands already 2) The Carol is one heck of a deal when they are selling at price points below both other brands. (Around US$450 to $500)

    Thanks for reading and commenting on the blog.
    Rgds, Shawn

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