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Season’s Greetings & Updates

Posted: December 13, 2010 in The Business

Greetings all,

I hope that by now you are well into Xmas preparations and avoiding the last minute rush.

Also, hoping that those end-of-year Xmas gigs are going well.

(How I miss those Christmas in the Park events)

Anyhow it’s been a few months since the last update – so I thought I would keep you all posted on what we have been up to in the last bit.

Carol Trumpets

This brand is going from strength to strength, Look for the new branding on these horns in 2011. They have officially changed their name to CarolBrass. The new website will also be at once it is complete. Not only have they added a few endorsers to their name – but also a whole bunch of new products also. There is a lot more planned for 2011 also! Totally new horn and instrument designs, new materials and new promotional push.

I have my own product endorser here in Canada (Name to be announced) who will be playing the brand new lightweight CTR-520T in raw brass.

I recently had in and tested the following models:

CTR-506R(S) Bb Trumpet: Great instrument. Probably the nicest sounding 506 I have heard yet. The added cost of the silver plate is worth considering.

CTR-520T Bb Trumpet: The new lightweight offering from Carol. It has a lightweight bell and nickel trim slides. Nice horn with a brighter side to it. Excellent option for a Commercial style sound.

CTR-100 Bb Trumpet: This is the entry level horn in the Carol line – sure the valve caps feel like a student horn and so do the bottoms – but everything else in the fit, finish and playability all punch well above the price tag. I am thinking of sending some to NZ as they are that good. (And may look for a mod to make those caps etc a lot nicer)

CCR-688R(S)  Bb Cornet: These usually come in silver with gold trim – this one was all silver. (But guess what… I deal direct with the factory – so if you want something changed I can get in changed at the source) What a great instrument that had the true full and rich tone you would expect from a brass band/concert band style of cornet.

Coming up within the next few weeks is 2 brand new flugels arriving – one in silver plate and one in raw brass. These are the new ‘top-of-the-line’ models. One of them is my own personal flugel so I will be sure to put it to the test. I can’t divulge the model and specs just yet – but it’s exciting.

Buying Vintage Horns

Whilst this is a really poor time to sell a lot of things – on the flip side it’s an excellent time to buy. Needless to say a few vintage horns have been creeping their way to New Zealand recently.

The only problem is the horns I have been buying have turned out to be real gems and aren’t always making it to the website for sale before being whisked away to the ‘personal stash’. Coming up in 2011 I intend to continue this pattern and have a wider range of used and vintage horns available as I believe they offer an excellent balance of character, sound and affordability.

Designing/Building a Trumpet

Yes, you heard right here – I tried making one via a factory once before – this time round I have got my hands on some of the best equipment available and have the contacts in America and North America to make it happen. I just received my first batch of parts – as we progress I will start a thread on this as I am sure a lot of people will find it interesting. This will happen in partnership with another company and will hopefully come to fruition 2011.

New Website

This is still in the works – and taking a lot longer than I first planned – but look for it come first half of 2011. This will include shopping cart functions, reviews and more. I hope this will be the ultimate brass site in NZ once it is finished.

That’s it for now.

2010 has been an interesting year indeed – plans for 2011 are to get the above list done and look to participate in bands and groups a lot more than this year.

Season’s Greetings to you all and have a Great Xmas/New Year

(P.S. I will try and post more regularly 2011)