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Of all the places I would have thought to have looked to find Al Cass vintage mouthpieces  New Zealand would have been near the bottom of places to look, and we of course operate out of NZ.
As chance would have it however – recently we happened upon a bulk lot of mouthpieces in what I like to call an ‘opportunity buy’ from a private individual who used to be in the brass business.
In amongst this lot was not one, but four near mint Al Cass Trombone Mouthpieces.
The Al Cass Trombone Set
There are a few interesting points about these mouthpieces:
a) They are essentially in new, never been played condition – which is remarkable
given that these have been out of production for at least 30-40 years
b) They’re in fact Al Cass – London Made pieces (more on this further down)
c) They are a nice set of T1, T2 and T3
The UK made Al Cass pieces are essentially a very brief run in time when Al Cass allowed Boosey & Co the rights to use his machinery and tooling in exchange for a small royalty fee on each piece –  Essentially made under license.
This relationship was apparently brief due to some questionable practises from one side not reporting quantities sold – and thus the deal was ended fairly shortly after.
It’s not really known how many pieces were produced during this time.
You can read more about this HERE on Reno’s Al Cass fan site.
When I came across these pieces I thought it might be interesting to see what insight Steve Cass (Al’s oldest son – and a great guy to talk to) could provide on them.
According to Steve he’s never seen these before and was wondering if they had every been produced – what sort of numbering/configuration that they had been made in.
So now we have a very interesting addition to our Al Cass Online Collection!
(To be updated soon)
Note: The 4th piece we received was a spare T2 Trombone.
This is now available for sale on Ebay HERE don’t miss out on your chance to grab a special piece.