Moving. and how it can affect your playing

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

So as most of you may have read recently I just went through a transition to another country.

One of the things I was dreading was not being able to play twice a week any longer in front of people as I felt I was making some real progress in my playing.

As it happens, one thing I didn’t consider very much in the move was how to address the problem of having a place to practice daily.

Now playing live is not such a biggie for me – but not being able to practice is.

These days if you’re living in the city and in an apartment/condo situation the last thing the building manager wants is some guy blowing his horn and upsetting the rest of the residents at all hours of the day.

So what can a guy do?

Well,  at this moment I am trying to get out and connect with as many groups as I can to get back playing again.

Secondly my 2 favourite mutes right now are a Jo Ral Harmon (for practise during the day) and a Bremner sshhh mute for other hours.

If you haven’t tried the Bremner practice mute – you should give it a go.

This thing is super lightweight, durable and fits easily in most cases.

The other thing nice about it is that it blows a lot freer (i.e. Less back pressure) than most other mutes that I have tried.

It also cuts down the sound quite a bit – which is obviously important for Condo or apartment dwellers.

We have these mutes available for order (usually we have them in stock too) for approx NZ$60.00

I should note that playing consistently with a mute is not ideal for sound development.

This is usually a more temporary measure to allow you to keep your lips and breathing in shape until you are able to play open again in a venue.

Right now – this is working for me though.

  1. Rob says:

    I used to practice regularly while traveling on the road with a silent mute. You’re right; it’s very difficult to develop sound. You need to get the full tonal qualities of the horn to hear what you’re doing; how hard to blow; control, etc:

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