Wedge Mouthpieces Coming to NZ/AUS

Posted: March 23, 2010 in The Business
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Following on from my thoughts and discussion about selecting the right size mouthpiece and how to go about it – we are about to make things a little more exciting for you all with the addition of Wedge Mouthpieces to the NZ/AUS region.

I’m just in the final processes of putting together a kit of various size tops, backbores and shanks that will suit a wide variety of players.

If you’re not sure what I am taking about you really need to go to this website and check out one of the most exciting developments in brass playing:

Last October I brought you some information on my visit to Wedge mouthpieces the first time round. Now that I am based in Vancouver it’s time to get the ball rolling and for people back home to have the opportunity to try (and ultimately buy if you like) the Wedge mouthpieces.

Dr Dave is making a top notch, innovative product here in Vancouver – and he has the back up service to match.

As a starting line up players will have the opportunity to try the following tops and Backbore combinations (Subject to finalization):


  1. B1.5CC-27  – based on Bach 1-1/2C with cushion rim, 27 throat.
  2. YSJC-27 – based on Yamaha Shew Jazz, cushion rim, 27 throat
  3. MB4LS-25  based on Monette B4SL – or perhaps a MB6LS-25
  4. YBSLC-27 based on Bobby Shew lead, cushion rim, 27 throat


  1. W4C – based on Wick 4
  2. YBSFC- based on Bobby Shew Flugel

Backbore Combinations

  1. 25ML (heavy) backbore
  2. 27R-ML (regular weight) backbore
  3. 27R-M (regular weight) backbore
  4. 27R-S backbore
  5. WFT (trumpet)- allows flugel piece to be used in a trumpet for flugel effect
  6. WSh (cornet) – allows flugel piece to be used in a cornet for a deep, rich cornet sound
  7. WFL (Flugel) x 3 (Yamaha, Bach & French Taper)

If you have ever thought about trying these mouthpieces and you are in NZ or Australia now would be a good time to get in touch with us as these are bound to prove popular with a lot of players.

As the kits have yet to be produced I’m interested in hearing from anyone whom has any specific size/top requests – we can perhaps include your size in with the initial order.

More to come on this as I finalize the 1st order this week.

Stay tuned for more firsts from your friends at Trumpetgear!

  1. SteveT says:


    Will you have anything for D trumpet? Also, how much MB4LS-25 cost? This funny shape mouthpiece certainly look like Xstream mouthpiece.. without ‘testing’ it its hard to say what it can do for us and our listener’s… 🙂

  2. trumpetgear says:

    Hi Steve,
    The beauty of this system is the mouthpiece is usually in 3 parts.
    You have a top, backbore and shank in a modular system.

    The key is to find a top that feels comfortable – and them you can fine tune your sound with the right combination. (i.e. 27 or 25 size – medium or heavyweight).
    For the D trumpet I think find the right gap between mouthpiece and receiver will be crucial – luckily there is a specific ‘C’ backbore just developed for this.

    These are unlike anything you would have seen or played – hence we offer the chance to test and play these so you can see if they are right for you.

    Certainly the rim design will not be right for everyone – but for the right person these are ideal and will make you feel and sound better than your original piece.

    Pricing will follow the Wedge website pricing model – and will be a matter of converting to NZ dollars. Based on today’s exchange for example 1x top and backbore for trumpet is CAD $215 = NZD $297.34 at 1.383. Hence $295 to $300 as a selling price.

    I urge people to try these out before you write them off as too expensive or gimmicky – these really do work.

    Rgds, Shawn

    • trumpetgear says:

      Just a quick update here – the list has changed ever so slightly for these.

      After play testing these we will be bring a M-B6 instead of a 4 and teh Shew Lead will have a 25 throat instead of the 27 (trust me it plays way better)

      These are still in production – due this month (April) though – most likely towards the end of the month.

      Rgds, Shawn

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