Trumpetgear Goes Live with the CTR-506R

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Gadget Talk

I thought that given we are now in 2010 it was about time we got something on you tube to demonstrate a few horns etc.

Luckily I had some spare time over the Xmas break to do a quick video shoot of the new Carol 506R with Satin Bell.

This really is a nice instrument, and I am happy to have spent some time on it over the break.

You can check out the Trumpetgear video review #1 here:

P.S. Please be gentle it’s my first vid – and this was totally unscripted or rehearsed!

  1. Roger Clark says:

    Great vid – looking forward to more!

    • trumpetgear says:

      Hi Roger,
      Thanks for the comment. This was really just a first run at it.
      Next time I’ll aim to talk a little clearer and have some clear info.

      I’ve just ordered a Zoom Q3 to get the sound quality up – this was recorded with just a flip mino and the small audio clip on the credits with a Zoom H4n.
      So with the new Q3 I will be working on more in the future for sure.

  2. Derek says:

    Good job, Shawn! The satin finish looks great. Does the sterling silver lead pipe make any detectable difference to the sound? (I have noticed rose brass lead-pipes give a mellow touch to the sound). Looking forward to trying one out.


    • trumpetgear says:

      Hi Derek, thanks for your comments – a little hard to say about the leadpipe given that the bell was also a changed variable.
      The combination does give a nice ‘core’ to the sound though.
      These really are nice horns – but I’ll let the players/testers be the judge.

      I’ve ordered a standard CTR-506 in lacquer from the factory just yesterday – should be there by mid next week at a guess.

      Let Don know and he might be able to arrange a test.

      Rgds, Shawn

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