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I hate to say it – but it would seem that the recession has even hit the world of trumpet playing.

I was last in the Yamaha super store here in Sapporo in Jan/Feb 2008.

At that stage they had an excellent selection of horns – and at that time I pretty much tried them all, and had a blast in the process.

This time round – I couldn’t believe the difference.

I was hoping to check out the new YTR-6330B Till Broner Model, and perhaps if I was lucky even the newly released Yamaha Shew and Bergeron flugels.

Alas, I was met with pretty much a stock standard selection of 8335’s, 850’s and the 8310Z and the 8340 Miyashiro model.

In fact the only special model in there was the Black 2009 Bobby Shew 8310Z

As for flugels there were zero on hand……zero!

I’m not sure how they intent to actually sell any if there are zero to test.

To really rub it in though they had a number of other brands of trumpet on hand and were selling them – I saw Stomvi,  B&S and Bach and Jupiter to name a few. I guess there’s not enough money to be made in their own product?


Based on what was onhand I decided to leave my Harrelson in the case and not test anything available.

Hopefully Tokyo will prove more fruitful when I visit on the 17th of next month.


Posted: January 22, 2010 in The Business

Greetings & Salutations!

I thought it best to let you all know  that the website will be slightly behind in the update department over the new few weeks.

I (Shawn) am at the start of a transition between Japan and Canada right now.

I’m estimating things will be back to normal around the second week of March at this stage.

Don is still ‘On-the-ground’ in New Zealand however and it’s business as usual.

In fact we have 3 additional orders landing soon of books (C Real Books will be back in stock, as will standard edition Arban’s), More mutes (Buckets, Copper and Aluminium Harmons and also some Cleartone Humes & Berg).

We also have more Carol items arriving – including the much anticipated Carol CTR-506 in Lacquer finish.

On top of this – we are back in stock of Valve oil – in fact we have about a year’s supply just landed of a great oil  – contact Don for details on this one.

I’ll attempt to keep the blog up to date during this period also with new happenings – I have a scheduled trip to the Yamaha Super Storein Sapporo – so will try and test some of the newest horns and bring you information and photos from there also.

Feel free to drop us a line anytime on anything related to trumpets!



I thought that given we are now in 2010 it was about time we got something on you tube to demonstrate a few horns etc.

Luckily I had some spare time over the Xmas break to do a quick video shoot of the new Carol 506R with Satin Bell.

This really is a nice instrument, and I am happy to have spent some time on it over the break.

You can check out the Trumpetgear video review #1 here:

P.S. Please be gentle it’s my first vid – and this was totally unscripted or rehearsed!