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I wonder how many potential purchasers out there make their decisions based on either a) what other people are playing b) recommendations or c) specific brands?

It’s the ultimate code to try and crack as a small business operator.

Especially as the items we deal with seem to have a fairly hefty price tag when it comes to stocking products for people to try.

When I first started trumpetgear the intention was never to go into instruments unless I found a brand that was of good quality and reasonable price. I found what I was looking for through pure fluke in the Carol brand. I’m not sure what exactly was the point that let me to this brand – but it is an interesting one that keeps getting better.

Just this week they released a whole new raft of instruments.

These are designed and produced within one factory all by hand.

What is unfortunate for both us, and the brand right now is that it lacks international recognition.

There are some small in-roads being made in selected areas – but until a heavyweight guy stands up and says that these are any good not many people are going to take notice.

Over the last few years whilst I have been in Japan I have had the priviledge to visit some truly phenomenal brass stores and try a lot of horns.

To give you an idea of the ranges and types I’ve been able to try here’s a list:

B&S Challenger I (own) ,Bach: Mt Vernon LB Vintage, 180/ML Vintage, Blackburn: Bb Medium Raw Brass Blessing: Super Artist,  Cadeson: TR-2000AS,  Carol: 400CR, 300LB, Harrelson 907 Mod x 2, Summit (own) Jupiter XO Series: RV-L, SD-L,  Inderbinden: Alpha Lawler: C7, C7c, C7S,  Martin: Committe Handicraft Small Bore, Deluxe, Bb Medium Bore GP,  Monette: STC-5,  Yamaha: 9335CHS (owned), 9335NYS, 8335LA,8335RGS, 8335GS, 8335G, 8335S,8335GH, 8335, 8340EM, 850S, 850GS, 850G, 8310Z, 6310Z (owned)

And these are just the ones I can remember.

My point is – you should never stop trying new things out and explore until you can find that sounds that’s in your head.

Also don’t be afraid to step outside the norm and try something different which you wouldn’t normally. For over a decade the Yamaha 6310Z was the horn for me – but as I came back into playing and started listening to some new players and discovering new forms of Jazz it was no longer my perfect horn.

The Carol instruments from my perspective stand up to some of the ones on the list – and some even excel vs. some on the list. Don’t be afraid to step outside the norm.

 It would be interesting to arrange a blind test vs some other instruments and see how they all stack up.

Perhaps that may be something we arrange in the future? Until then keep trying new things until you lock into that sound!

Now who wants to try a Carol?


Greetings all,

Just a short and sweet update here – basically to provide you with some images of the 620-FL.

You saw the ones from the factory – now here’s our own shots of the new horn.

The new horn also comes with 2 leadpipes.

If you are wanting to give th new horn a test drive be sure to get in contact with Don.

Better yet if you’re going through Tauranga make an appointment and go and test a range of instruments and accessories.

The new Carol 620-FL

The new Flugel and the hard case that it comes in