Super Smooth Design from Carol’s new Ballad Maker

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Gadget Talk

Yep, after searching around for month I have uncovered another great Flugel for players to consider.

(Actually to be perfectly honest this one fell into my lap with the relationship we started with Carol Instruments in Taiwan)

We first brought you the Phaeton flugel with its contemporary looks and sound that has been turning some finely tuned ears already.

Now we bring you the latest from the Carol Workshop.

Allow me to introduce the Carol CFL-620 

This is Carol Instrument’s answer to all the Smooth Jazz Ballad players of the World.

Now, I am talking strictly at this stage from viewing the photos provide from the factory – but doesn’t this look like a great flugel? 

This one has apparently been in the works for a number of months and is about to go into production.

Some things that strike me in the design immediately are the following:

 Look at the 3rd valve trigger

Finally someone has thought about trying to make a trigger that blends with the overall design of the horn and looks like it should be there – not some standard trigger that is both uncomfortable and looks out of place. Notice also the attention to detail with the post and each end being part of the design here too! Nice touches from the Carol design team there! 

Weighted Valve Caps

From what I can tell these are similar to the C trumpet in that the valve caps are weighted heavier than standard which allows for easier ‘slotting’ of notes.

 Amado Water Keys

One of my pet peeves with a few flugel designs was the 1st valve water key being to close to the right hand thumb – and as such you would occasionally knock it and throw your tuning off.

I’m not a huge fan of this style of keys – but having seen some of the other trumpet water keys these are built tough and should go the distance and provide good drainage too.

 1st and 3rd valve trim

They could have left these areas the same with the lacquered brass – but it seems that they were thinking about potential wear areas as you have a nice silver/nickel trim instead. It also fit’s nicely into the overall design. 

From discussions with the factory this horn will be available with a Yellow Brass or Gold Brass bell.

You can also opt to have it in a silver plate with either bell configuration. 

Another great product from Carol?

I’ll keep you posted once I’ve tried it! 

Stay tuned……

  1. trumpetgear says:

    Hi all,
    Just a quick note to let you know this model should be available in NZ within the next 10 days or so.
    We have one sample leaving the factory tomorrow
    Contact Don via the website if you want to give it a test.

  2. charlie schneeweis says:

    Nice looking horn….any ideas on what the bore size might be?

    • trumpetgear says:

      Unfortunately I’m still waiting on this one to arrive.
      I’ve yet to see some specs from the factory on this one also.
      If I get word I’ll post it here.
      Rgds, Shawn

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