Online Mouthpiece Store Closing

Posted: October 28, 2009 in The Business

Greetings all,

Just a quick ‘Head’s Up’ we will be closing down the online mouthpiece store at it would seem that most of you are comfortable with dealing direct with us on ordering (We prefer it this way too as we get to talk to people) so this will be the last month for the Smallfish store. (Closing 1st week of November)

For those of you who wish to still pay via credit card just flick us an email or the order form and we can send you a payment request via paypal that allows you to use your credit card (you do not have to be a member of paypal to sue this service).

Instead of the online we store we are looking at replacing this with a bi-weekly to monthly update newsletter letting you know about all the latest and greatest products.

More information to come on this as I iron out all the details.

As such I will be doing some work on the mouthpieces page on the site that will allow for images etc instead of just the text. Please bear with me as I update this section of the site.

Regards, Shawn

  1. trumpetgear says:

    This online store is now closed.
    Rgds, Shawn

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