Major Web Updates for Products

Posted: October 25, 2009 in The Business

This weekend I finally got the chance to sit down and knock off a lot of much needed updates to the website. The last month has been crazy to say the least.

If you cruise on over to Trumpetgear you will see that I’ve added a number of products this week.

Most of these are instruments – trumpets, cornets & flugels.

We have the 2 news brands on offer – Carol Trumpets and the new Phaeton Flugels. Both brands are worth checking out for sure.

Don has the Cornet CCR-300R available for play testing at the moment, and with any luck will receive the Phaeton Flugel prior to Nov 1st.

I’ll also be sending down the Carol CTR-400CR soon also.

On top of this we added 3 used trumpets to the for sale section. Two of these are my own as I will be receiving my custom horn soon.

So there’s plenty on offer right now on the lead up to Xmas.

  1. BRIAN GEOGHAN says:

    Have just tried the Carol cornet and must say I like the weight
    and balance of the instrument . It has a positive response and
    easy blowing in middle and high register. The valves are a little
    stiff as one would imagine for a new instrument.
    While the name Carol does not create an impression of brass
    instruments like Bach , Conn etc this cornet is very good value for money and would be well suited to jazz playing.

    • trumpetgear says:

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for taking the time to write your impressions of the horn.
      It’s great to get some ‘player’ feedback about their views on a totally new brand to NZ.

      There is almost zero brand recognition of the Carol trumpets right now – and with the amount of TOS (Trumpet Shaped Objects) coming out of certain countries right now I can appreciate people will be a little on edge about the quality etc.
      That’s why we are having people try the horns out and make their own call.

      I was impressed enough to go after this brand and bring it to NZ and I’ve recently been testing XO’s, Lawlers, B&S’s, Harrelson’s etc

      Hoxon Gakki Corporation who manufactures the Carol trumpets has in the past worked with or produced horns for some of these famous brands: Marcato, Phaeton, Bach, King, Conn, B&S, Courtois, Schagerl prior to going it alone.

      I also found the valves a little tight – but have found a remedy in using Hetmann #1 oil – great stuff and perfect for new valves – I might see if I can source some specifically to go with the horns – I’ve sent feedback to the factory about this already (they ship with Slide-o-mix oil as part of the kit)

      Also in agreement about this cornet being great for Jazz – I had a lot of fun testing that one out myself.

      FYI – the Carol CTR-400 CR is on it’s way to NZ today.
      A very nice C trumpet that is going to retail for NZ$1250 – comes with 2 tuning slides and a Gold Brass Bell.

      If anyone is interested in trying out any Carols drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you!


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