New Brands and Happenings…..

Posted: September 24, 2009 in The Business

Just wanted to give you all an update as to what’s going on with the Tgear team.

We have the new samples of the horns I mentioned in a previous post arriving at my apartment here in Okinawa either today or tomorrow. This is a new step for us and I’m quietly hoping that my gamble is going to pay off on this one.

I’m not about to give the game away just yet – but there will be an update soon with all the images and details about how each one plays, looks, feels etc soon.

I have a 2 different models coming in – C Trumpet, Bb Cornet and Pocket Trumpet.

I’m not sure NZ and the surrounding region are quite ready for the pocket – so this might not make it to the land of the long white cloud – but I have high hopes for the C trumpet and the Bb Cornet. I’ve purposely not bought a Bb in at this stage as the market it saturated with Bb options right now.

Speaking of which – if you want a nice Bb trumpet we still have 1 brand new Bb Challenger left in stock – this is the lucky last and still going for a very good price! As a deal to our loyal followers – if you mention you read about it on this blog and decide to purchase I will give you free 1x mouthpiece of your choice out of our current range – up to the value of $100 (new or used).

Apart from that,  right now I am looking at 2 new mouthpiece ranges (both will be setting new standards in terms of pricing and design) , a brand new mute range and also a trumpet/flugel option coming out of the USA and Japan.

More on those one’s at a later stage……..but all in good time.

Rest assured that the trumpetgear team is committed to bringing you the best products we can find out there and I am looking around daily to source new items for the future.

On a side note – we will be slimming down our current assortment soon to concentrate on basic categories, but still going deeper in each area. 

What that means is we may exit some existing products soon. (The first is likely to be all Trobone products – there’s just no interest in them on our site and we can use the funds to buy more trumpet related products).

Other products will soon follow so we can concentrate on what we do best – Trumpets and Flugel related products (we are likely to have more cornet related items too)

That’s it for now, another update soon with images etc.


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