Update Summit Bb Build #3

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Harrelson Summit

Well, it’s taken a lot longer that originally aniticipated but his week may very well be the week that I receive my Bb Summit from Jason Harrelson.  I had an email late last week telling me the horn would be assembled late that week or early this week – and could I confirm that all the options I wanted were still the same.

The wait has been hard and long, but you just can’t rush things like this – it takes time and care – and that’s what is supposed to be reflected in the finished product. No doubt it will all be worth it. (The wait was a little extra as some parts we backordered at the supplier – of course not everything is made in house – just a large percentage is. Makes perfect sense to me)

Whilst waiting I did have time to think about a name that will be permanently stamped on the horn.

At this moment I imagine that  ‘Serenity’ is coming together.

I chose this name to reflect both the state of mind that playing music brings and also the nice calming tone that will be poured forth from the horn. (I’m personally not big on ripping through bebop charts and prefer to give the music space and the listener time to absorb – hence I play a lot of Ballads and slower numbers. ) It’s also quite a feminine name and will no doubt become the second woman in my life as I try and take my music up a notch to something a little more serious – spending more and more hours on the business end of the bell.

Next update – pics of ‘Serenity’ in the flesh!

Coming Soon!

(I hope…)

  1. james says:


    I found your blog whilst searching for info on Harrelson’s Summit.
    I myself play a 909 and am really keen on trying out a Summit to see what the similarities/differences are. I look forward to your future posts about how the horn plays and feels! Enjoy it!


  2. nick says:


    Saw this post…I have a Bravura coming….and pics of your Summit? I’ve yet to see one besides the one on his website!

    • trumpetgear says:

      No pics to share at this stage – still awaiting delivery on this one.
      Update will be soon afterwards.

      Taking a lot longer that originally planned – but things seem to be under control.

      Rgds, Shawn

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