AKL Musical Instrument stores in a recession of their own?

Posted: June 29, 2009 in The Business

If  you were in the business of selling trumpets and based in Auckland, NZ chances are I snopped around your store last week to check out your business, the products and prices you offer and how you treated the customers.

In summary here’s what I learnt about your business:

  1. Your service is appalling – most stores did not greet, check with me if I needed assistance, nor even looked in my general direction when I walked into the store.
  2. You assortments are small and boring (not to mention your displays)
  3. You’re prices are high…..but there are a lot of specials

In summary I spent an average of 10-15 minutes per store and looked at a variety of products and spent $0.00

It’s no wonder everyone was on sale or providing specials – as you have zero else to offer the consumer.

All in all this is great news for trumpetgear…..so I’m actually quite happy about these findings.

I aim to provide great service, reasonable prices and serve people direct as it sure beats employing someone who will be either chatting to their colleague, browsing the internet or listening to music whilst there are people in the store.

Now back to work on the new look website……

  1. Derek says:

    Sad but true, Shawn. Great that you guys are in business!

    • Derek says:

      Actually I should add that ABI on the shore have been giving me great service, they are very happy to post out stuff for play testing. It is hard for stores to hold a wide range of stock with there being such a small market for professional level horns. I have a dream of visiting the US one day and touring the major and boutique instrument factories (after I win lotto!).

      • trumpetgear says:

        Hi Derek,
        Thanks for your comments – it’s great to be here!

        For the record – I did not visit ABI during this trip, so it’s great to hear that there is someone out there still looking after the brass players as they should!

        I agree with you about it being hard to hold a large range of items. I think I may have a few solutions for that – but will keep that Ace for my own business model 😉

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