Update on Summit Build #2

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Harrelson Summit
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It’s a surreal experience talking to someone over the phone and trying to describe really what you are after in an instrument.

Well, last week came and went – and yes I did have a conversation with Jason from Harrelson trumpets about my new instrument that he is designing for me.

He asked a few questions about what kind of music I am playing (Big Band and Jazz Combo) – what kind of sounds concept I would like, and we went through the order form step by step discussing each step.

(I mentioned I have 3 very different instruments in the stable and what I liked/dislike about each – then I went on to describe what I thought was the perfect sound concept and resistance factor for me – a Martin Committee Deluxe Medium Bore)

This horn is really for me to branch out more into Combo playing and have something that I can blow all night long and not tire on – the 6310Z fits the bill most of the way but not quite.

The good news for me is that Jason has the experience and the answers on what I needed – and they came pretty fast. (I was surprised how few question I asked in the end – but if I have learnt anything from my time with luxury retail – sometimes it’s best to shut up and listen and just absorb, especially when you are dealing with an expert)

If I can offer advice to anyone considering a build – here’s my 2 cents:

  1. If you can – go to the workshop in person – of it’s overseas make sure you have tried a few other instruments so you can talk about what you are looking for in a horn (I must have tried at least 20 instruments in the last 12 months alone)
  2. Be very specific about what you want – and don’t leave anything out!
  3. Ask questions – I talked through finishes, mouthpiece gap adjustments, finger ring placements, slide design, SWE and more.
The original version of the Harrelson Summit

The original version of the Harrelson Summit

Here’s the final option sheet for me:

  • Bell #7 – 5.5  inches
  • Leadpipe #6 (most like a Yamaha Z horn in terms of resistance and blow)
  • Eliptical Tuning Slide
  • Smooth Brushed Finish with just the Harrelson Logo rugged – to tie back to the original concept
  • Ergonomic Finger Rings – but set a my dimensions (I took photos of my Z and measurements and sent them to Jason to match or adjust for finger positioning)
  • Saturn Waterkeys x2 – they are an extra $50 – but way better than amado – and look nice too!
  • Red Jasper Stone inlays on the finger caps
  • 2x additional sets of bottom valve caps (Light and Heavy so I can adjust to match)

Now that all that is dialed in I just have to sit back and wait for the vision to become reality.

From my limited conversation and talking through on the phone so far with Harrelson I’d say that these guys are top notch, and I feel very safe in the idea that they will build me a horn to match the sound concept in my head.

Next update on this thread will be when I get the horn in around 4-5 weeks time.

Can’t wait!

  1. Steve Cass says:

    Hi Shawn, and all at trumpetgear
    I see your website is progressing nicely. Congradulations!

    Thank you for spreading the word about my father through your collection and keeping his name alive and well! I’m certain he feels the positive energy you have always expressed towards him as well.

    all the best,
    Steve Cass

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