Update on the Summit Build

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Harrelson Summit
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Well it’s been a week, and I am awaiting a consultation on my build for the new Bb Summit.(Will be spending and hour with Jason Harrelson to discuss the horn etc soon.)

Harrelson seems to be a very professional outfit – they send you a editable form for you to fill out with all the different options you would like as a primary draft.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the options I selected and why:

Leadpipe: I still have yet to decide on the leadpipe configuration – that one is a toughie.
I’ve been trying to work out between the Yamaha Chicago, B&S Challenger and the 6310Z which really does have the best blow and why that is – at the present the 6310Z is winning in the blow department – but the 9335 wins in the overall tone department.
I put down a #2 or a #6 Leadpipe at this stage – but that’s seriously an option I need to talk through with the builder.
#2 is a wide open pipe and #6 is similar to my favourite to play – the Z horn which has a ton of resistance.
Both will give totally different blows, and sounds once locked in on the horn.

Bell: Bell configuration is easy – I’m going for the 5.5 inch bell.
I mean why build a horn for a smooth sound and not take it the whole 9 yards?
This will allow for a nice smooth and full sounds that will spread – ideal for what I have in mind.

Tuning  Slide: Elliptical tuning slide. Was considering a semi-round slide – but thought why not go with something different? Simpe choice and should prove to be a little different.

Optional Extras:
Stone inlays – nice personal touch and sets you apart from other instruments.
My choice was to go for Red Jasper – nice stone and will look nice set in brass.
(Was a toss up between Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye or Jasper – there are many options to choose from!)

Bottom Valve Caps – Additional weighted caps – lightweight and Heavy ordered along with the medium.
It’s always best to buy extras at the time of build – so I requested 2 extra sets of caps so I can set
the horn up exactly how I like it – and extra US$75 well spent I think.

That’s it for now – next update after the consultation!

  1. Keith says:

    Your comments have help me decide on what I want on my horn. I was in the market for a 2nd Bb horn and couldn’t decide until my partner went it ITG 2009 and played a Harrelson and said this is definitely the horn to get. I’ve since been doing research and like what I see. I don’t know which Harrelson its going to be, but it will be one.

  2. trumpetgear says:

    Glad I could help you out.

    Eagerly awaiting my Summit at this stage – shouldn;t be too far away.


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