Harrelson Custom Trumpet

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Harrelson Summit
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Well today is a special day – I finally hit the button and forked over a substantial amount of money to a trumpet maker I have been watching for a while.

The deal was too good to pass up and it will be an interesting experiment having a custom trumpet made to my exact requirements.

What I was really looking for originally was a Martin Committee vintage – but do you think I could find one that didn’t require at least US$700 worth of repairs to it for under US$2000 – no way!

So, I placed my order for a custom Harrelson Bb Summit instead.

The Harrelson Bb SummitWhat attracted me to this horn was the following:

  • Large Bell 5.5 inches in diameter = nice spead and full sound (check out the Monette horns and you’ll see that a lot use a similar diamter- I’ve tested some Monette’s and loved them)
  • Custom Options – you don’t have to have the rough edges of the sample horn pictured – I’m going to opt for something a little more subtle I think.
  • A one hour consultation with Jason Harrelson himself. Not only is he vastly knowledgeable on trumpet construction – but he’s also a pro trumpet player himself.

Let me just say – I have never tried a Harrelson – like anyone I hope that the results are worth the investment. Judging on the feedback of players that own this instruments I will be in for something special.

I’ll be updating the progress and options etc that I chose.

First step is to schedule the one hour call and talk through the options.

Next update will be once this has happened.


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